Superintendent’s Leadership Team

Photo of Dr. David  McGehee
Dr. David McGehee Superintendent
Photo of Dr. Tom  Kurucz
Dr. Tom Kurucz Deputy Superintendent of Operations
Photo of Dr. Don  Andrews
Dr. Don Andrews Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Instruction
Photo of Dr. Katie  Collier
Dr. Katie Collier Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Instruction
Photo of Dr. Judy  Hedrick
Dr. Judy Hedrick Assistant Superintendent for Business Services
Photo of Dr. Jeff  Miller
Dr. Jeff Miller Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources
Photo of Dr. Ann  Starlin-Horner
Dr. Ann Starlin-Horner Assistant Superintendent of Instruction and Leadership
Photo of Dr. Amy  Gates
Dr. Amy Gates Executive Director of Technology
Photo of Dr. Emily  Miller
Dr. Emily Miller Executive Director of Special Services
Photo of  Janice  Phelan
Janice Phelan Executive Director of Communications


Dr. Christiana Barger Director of Assessment and Data Analysis
Christa Battaglia Supervisor of Purchasing
Paula Buthod Supervisor of Distribution
Dawn Butler Director of Before & After School Services
Ron Cox Director of Purchasing & Distribution, Commercial Insurance Services
Tony Dixon Coordinator of Technology Support
Kinzie Doll Coordinator of Network Services
Kristi Fate Assistant Director of Before & After School Services
Dr. Eric Flack Director of Curriculum and Professional Development
Sheryl Franke Director of Educational Foundation
Carl Galbreath Assistant Director of (FACS) Custodial Services
Kyle Gorrell Director Facilities (FACS) Services C&D
Ryan Hall Supervisor of Safety/Environmental Risk
Jane Hentzler Director of Nutrition Services
Rebecca Julian Director of Miller Park Center
Sandi Larsen Assistant Director Discipline, K-12 SPED Transportation
Laura Maxwell Director of Partners In Education and Library Media
Dr. Matt Miller Director of Student Services
Dan Mullen Director of Data Systems
John Novotney Assistant Director of Data Systems
Kwasi Pryor Director of Operations for Aquatic Center
Dr. Dianna Rentie Director of Classified Personnel
Darwin Rold District Athletic Director
Bill Sharp Assistant Director of Dispatch, Training, Transportation
Donna Southwick Assistant Director of Special Services
Rick Steagall Assistant Director of (FACS) PC, HVAC, Energy Services
Linda Thompson Director of Transportation Services
Kevin Whaley Coordinator of Instructional Technology

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