#lsr7SpringPD is underway!

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The instructional technology department, in collaboration with the district curriculum specialists and our district tier 1 specialists have been hard at work for months to provide over 40 professional development sessions throughout the month of February and March.

The hashtag for teachers to use during their learning is #lsr7SpringPD. Be sure to check it out for lots of great learning being shared there!



Reasons to get Excited about Moving from Lotus to Gmail!

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Getting excited about the transition from Lotus to Gmail?  If not maybe this will help………….

  • With Gmail  you will no longer have to worry about those email quota warnings because you have unlimited storage,  feel free to save to your hearts content!
  • When a document, folder, spreadsheet, etc.  is shared with you in the Google Apps Drive you will  get a Gmail notification  which makes your Google Apps account work more seamlessly.
  • Tired of  typing your really long email address,?  Your Gmail address will be shorter, (first name.lastname@lsr7.net).   In addition you no longer have to worry about leaving the s out in Lee’s Summit!
  • If you have a great photo of your self you can add it to your Gmail so your photo is a part of each Gmail.  It is helpful to be able to associate a face with a name and it definitely improves communication!
  • Finally you can use the search bar in Gmail to locate Gmail from a particular place or person.


Continue your Fall Lotus cleaning! Focus on your contacts!

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LSR7 Staff,

We focused on cleaning our Lotus folders last week and now we are ready to clean up our contacts!  Take a few minutes to sift through your contacts and delete the ones you no longer need.  The best way to clean your contacts is to open your address book in Lotus, then click on My Contacts, and finally right click and delete any contacts you no longer need!  Tip: To delete multiple contacts at once, hold down your Ctrl button and choose contacts to delete. It’s as easy as that.  Deleting Lotus contacts you no longer need will make your transition to Gmail that much easier.  Happy cleaning!

Watch for additional posts coming soon about benefits of Gmail!

Clear the way for Gmail!

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LSR7 Staff-

As you’ve heard by now, Gmail is coming soon! Now is a great time to begin cleaning out old, unwanted and outdated email from your inbox and folders. Remember, you can also delete folders that are no longer used and it will delete all the mail contained in it. Taking the time to do this now will make for a smoother transition to Gmail on November 17th.

As Elsa would say, “Let it go!”

Watch for additional posts coming soon about benefits of Gmail!

Mrs. Gallick’s 3rd graders connect virtually with author Bryan Chick!

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Mrs. Gallick, 3rd grade teacher at Highland Park Elementary, shares her experience getting to connect with Bryan Chick, author of The Secret Zoo:

I read The Secret Zoo , by Bryan Chick, and thought it would be a perfect book to read to my 3rd grade class. I made a Thinglink as a way for  my students to get to know the author, see his website, listen to a part of the first book in the series, and visit some zoo cams. When I told my class that we were going to read the 2nd book in the series, students were out of their seats cheering!  I decided to send the author a message and let him know how much we loved his book. Bryan responsed back and told us that he loved our e-mail and asked if we would like to “skype” with him at no cost!  It was so much fun! Everyone had a question that they got to ask, and he told us about some new projects he was working on and talked about what it was like to be a writer. What a great way to end the school year!

Bryan Chick Skyping with students

Bryan Chick skyping with our class!