LS R-7 elementary gifted students learn about forensics

// Posted By Janie Rohlfing

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District ASPIRE elementary gifted students are studying mysteries, currently focusing on forensics. On Sept. 26 and 27, Kevin Winer, chief criminalist for the Kansas City Police Department Crime Laboratory, presented information to the students.  

Mr. Winer demonstrated how law enforcement agents collect evidence. Topics addressed included the securing and identification of a crime scene, hair, fingerprint and footprint analysis as well as chromatography and fibers. He also brought equipment used at crime scenes and shared actual artifacts.  

The students favored the portable digital microscope because they were able to see microscopic fibers from carpets, clothing and other mysterious fabrics. Mr. Winer’s passion and knowledge about the subject came across to the students which excited and challenged them to go further in their learning.  

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