Score1 for HealtheAthletes team members work together to help reduce student athlete injuries

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Collaborative study includes students from Lee’s Summit R-7 high schools, medical experts and Cerner

Throughout the past year, a unique team of experts has been working together to reduce the incidence and impact of injuries among Lee’s Summit R-7 School District student athletes. Thanks to a comprehensive study, approved by the Institutional Review Board, a total of 352 student athletes were screened and provided with specific recommendations for prevention based on these screenings. In addition, the information gained from the screenings and tracking of injuries is used to develop injury prevention programs designed to positively impact the health of all student athletes.

Lee’s Summit High School, Lee’s Summit North High School and Lee’s Summit West High School are the only schools in this region selected to be involved in the study. Participation in the study is offered to the school district at no cost. Student athletes may participate in the study on a voluntary basis, and there is no cost to the students or their families.

Score1 for HealtheAthletes is a unique collaborative effort involving Cerner, the business developing the program’s software; Dr. Matt Daggett, an orthopedic surgeon; and Travis Neff, owner of Boost Physical Therapy. Also integral to the program are the R-7 School District’s athletic trainers, including Steve Taylor, Jessica DeWitt, Susie Humphreys, William Ballantyne and Angela Oswald.

“It has been an incredibly successful first year,” said Dr. Daggett. “We performed one of (if not the largest) single screening of high-school athletes ever performed, and we set the foundation for a unique and innovative program that will have a tremendous impact on the Lee’s Summit community.”

The orthopedic surgeon added that the study has completed its first phase, obtaining a baseline to gauge the success of injury prevention and screening programs. As the Score1 for HealtheAthletes program moves forward into its second phase, the team is focusing on implementation and intervention aspects.

“We are excited about the future and looking forward to seeing where this program leads for the community and sports medicine in general,” Dr. Daggett added.

The software developed by Cerner allows the athletic trainers to track the student athletes, including their Score1 for HealtheAthletes screenings and injuries. Of the district’s approximately 2,000 high-school athletes, a total of 352 were screened during summer 2015. The program recorded 551 injuries among all athletes during 2015-16. Of those screened, there were a total of 62 injuries.

As of late July, Score1 for HealtheAthletes had screened more than 200 students with a goal of screening 700 during 2016-17.

The HealtheAthlete program benefits our athletes by identifying anomalies in functional movement and then providing corrective exercises for specific problems,” said Steve Taylor, Lee’s Summit North High School athletic trainer. “By knowing this information, it could help prevent injuries and gives us concrete data that will help healthcare providers to return students to play quicker, safer and smarter.”

Through Score1 for HealtheAthletes, the students are both screened for potential risk factors and provided resources to correct these deficiencies.

“We believe our findings will identify a plethora of information that will reduce the incidence and impact of injuries to our athletes in the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District,” Dr. Daggett said. “We will then report these findings in peer-reviewed publications, thus improving the health of athletes worldwide.”

Parents interested in more information about the Score1 for HealtheAthletes program may contact their child’s high-school athletic office.

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