Woodland Elementary fifth-graders beautify school during year-long project

// Posted By Janie Rohlfing

Fifth-graders at Woodland Elementary spent the 2015-16 school year working together to beautify their school. The students worked with school and district staff members to plan for and create new landscaping by the school’ southwest outdoor stairs. The landscaping features plants, trees, rocks and bricks.

Fifth-graders divided the large project into various task teams including rock, plants, fundraising, soil and edging. In addition, the students conducted fundraisers and wrote letters to ask area businesses to donate to the effort. Melissa Gouldsmith, Woodland Elementary teacher, helped lead students through the beautification effort.

“Dan Henks with Earth Effects Landscaping was an instrumental part of this project,” said Mrs. Gouldsmith. “He met with the students several times throughout the year to help them plan and implement the project.”

Included are before and after photos.

agWLElandscapeBefore agWLElandscape

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