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We need your input for strategic planning! Take our Strategic Priorities and Communications surveys before September 17.

Fall 2023 Engagement

This fall, we asked LSR7 students, parents, staff and community members to be our guide.

As three strategic planning processes aligned in the Lee's Summit R-7 School District this school year, LSR7 collaborated with the school community to understand district needs as we determine future priorities and goals for our district.

We asked our community to help us design our next strategic plan, identify long-term facility needs and provide input about district communications by providing feedback in two district surveys shared from Sept. 5-17, 2023.

Input provided in the September 2023 surveys will be used to inform three important processes: our 2024-27 strategic plan, our next long-term facilities plan and a Fall 2023 Communications Audit.

In addition to surveys, district committees and focus groups were formed this year to support these processes.

Learn more about these committees, as well as our Communications Audit focus groups, below.


Lee's Summit R-7 Schools Fall 2023 Engagement: Be Our Guide; image of blue and yellow brick road

September 2023 Surveys

All in our school community had the opportunity to provide valuable input for strategic planning through two surveys shared in September 2023.

Comprehensive School Improvement Program (CSIP) Committee 

LSR7 must create and finalize its 2024-27 strategic plan before the 2021-24 strategic plan sunsets in June 2024. A CSIP committee made up of parents, staff, students and community members will determine focus areas of LSR7's next strategic plan this year. 

Time Commitment: The 50-member CSIP Committee meets for seven two-hour evening meetings from September 2023 through spring 2024. 

Facilitator: Dr. Christy Barger, Associate Supt. of Academic Services

Committee Members:

Amy L. Taylor
Austin Graham
Ben Pridgeon
Bernadette Spooner Thompson
Brooke Morehead
Caysie Turner
Chad Hertzog
Chantal Rasnic
Cherie Rushton
Christine Johnson
Cody O'Brien
Davoya Marshall 
Dawn Twenter
Diana Houlle
Donald L Reynolds
Dr. Ally Roberson
Elizabeth Carpino Andes
Erica VanNess
Erica Wilson
Erin Jensen
Hal Reising
Heather Kenney
Jaimee Hartenstein
Janie Taylor
Jennifer Kevern
Jennifer Lowe
Joseph Franz
Joslyn Boyd
Kathryn Campbell
Kelsea Cox
Kristen Merrell
Kristin Ruthstrom
Lindsay Evans
Lisa Janeway
Mackenzie Sainz
Marian White 
Marshon Stephenson
Matt Jones
Michael Allen
Mike Hathcock
Mitch Culbertson
Rachl Aguirre 
Sara McMillin
Shannan Booth
Shannon Dowers
Sherri Kane
Staci Mathes
Tori Wilson
Tray Mayfield
Wil Codilla 
Addison Kirkham
Ryan Murdock (BOE Committee Assign)
Heather Eslick (BOE Alternate)

Comprehensive Facilities Master Planning (CFMP) Committee

The Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan group will update the district’s long-term plan for capital improvements, maintenance, repairs and equipment purchases, determine big-picture priorities for facility needs and review feedback from building-level engagement groups.

Time Commitment: The 50-member CFMP Committee meets from September 2023 - February 2024. 

Facilitator: Dr. Steve Shelton, Associate Supt. of Operational Services; LINK

Committee Members:

Amy Krinke
Antonio Block
Blake Little
Carry Dooley
Chad Tamborini
Don Andrews
Donna Gordon
Elaine M Bluml
Erika L Elbert
Genevieve Boehm
Jared Hook
Jason Koivuniemi-Berg
Jenni Edwards
Jennifer Dorssom
Justin J Wylam
Kari D Harrison
Kayla J Taylor
Kevin Whaley
Kimberly Pierson
Kirk Hipple
Kristi Marshall
Laurel Hogue
Laurie Nelson
Lecretia Jones
Lily Page
Lindsey Rowe
Lisa Parker
Liz Hartenstein
Lorna Puls
Matthew D Simmons
Matthew Hague
Matthew Hoffman
Michael Bailey
Michael VanBuskirk
Michelle Goodman
Missy Haskamp
Nick Brown
Stephenie Bertz
Susan Byrne
Taylor Warwick
Tyler Cesonis


NSPRA Communications Audit Focus Groups

As part of a voluntary communications audit for the first time since 2018, the National School Public Relations Association is hosting focus groups this fall to learn more about district communication needs.

Time Commitment: Eight to 10 focus groups are meeting on Sept. 26, 27 or 28.

Facilitator: National School Public Relations Association

Focus Group Participants: Coming Soon.

Note: The district promoted an interest form available from Aug. 10-30 to seek community participation in the above committees. Those selected to participate in advisory committees or focus groups were notified in early September.