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Meet Brayden Kehler: Paraprofessional

Smiling man with wavy blonde hair and a beard wearing a blue plaid shirt standing next to lockers

Supportive staff and administrators make the difference for Brayden Kehler

Title: Paraprofessional

Department: Lee's Summit West High School

Years in LSR7: One

What makes working in LSR7 different from other jobs you've had in the past?
I think something that makes LSR7 different from any other job is that I feel very supported by the upper management here. Principals and assistant principals make me feel like they care about how I'm doing and want to make my job as easy as it can be. It feels like they want me to be successful and feel the best about what I'm doing.

How would you describe the team that you work with?
The team is actually part of the reason that I ended up accepting the job. I was a sub before being a full-time para. They all take each day in stride, which is something that you have to do in this particular field. They work really well together and all care about each other. It's a really cool environment to work in, because it feels supportive and feels like each person would give you a hand if you ever needed it.

What is your favorite part of your job so far?
My favorite part is probably arrival, the beginning of the day, because the kids are always so excited to see you. They're always like, "Oh my gosh, Mr. Kehler! I'm so glad that you're here again today and we're so excited to see you." It's really touching to see how much we matter in the kids' lives and how much of a difference we make to them.

What led you to Lee's Summit initially?
I was a sub before and I was doing regular teaching; PE, history, science, everything like that. Then, I was doing work in Life Skills every once in a while. I just felt like the team was a really good team to be a part of and they all felt really supportive, like they really wanted you to be here. I was actually being seen as a person. That was really important to me and helped my decision to join the team.

Describe working for LSR7 in one word.
Family. Just coming in here knowing that no matter what we all do, we're all there to support each other. The main goal is to make sure that we're our best so we can be the best for the students.

What has been your best day so far?
I believe it was the middle of September. It was the second shift that I’d come back to work with Life Skills. As the kids started walking in, one of the students in particular came up and greeted me with such enthusiasm. It felt really great that they cared that much about me. These kids really do see me as an important part of their school ecosystem.