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Meet Christa Battaglia: Purchasing & Distribution Services Coordinator

What makes a career in LSR7 a "forever job" for this administrator

Women with blonde hair and blue eyes and a black shirt poses next to warehouse shelf

Title: Purchasing & Distribution Services Coordinator

Department: Purchasing & Distribution

What makes working in LSR7 different than any other job you've had?
I feel like I found my forever job. The atmosphere, the people I work with, our mission, supporting students and helping them be successful. We can be removed from the frontlines of working with students but we never lose sight of the fact that we are here supporting them along the way.

What impact does your department have in the district?
We get our hands on a lot of things through the Purchasing Office. We have inventory that we keep here for the district, and we are tasked with sourcing items and stocking them. Our distribution center is responsible for maintaining $2.5 million worth of inventory, everything from crayons to pizza.

What about your role makes you proud?
We are good stewards of taxpayer dollars. Everyone in our district pays taxes, and we take that very seriously. We like to get the best value for the dollars we spends, and we feel that is a very important role to play in saving time and money and providing good service to those who are supporting our students directly.

What does collaboration look like in your world?
No two students learn alike, and their furniture and comfort play a big part in that. We've brought in students and staff to ask, "What do you think would be the most important thing for students to have in your classroom?

Describe the team that you work with.
We value community. Distribution services gets involved in community events by providing labor, tables, chairs and staging and we do that through community events such as Oktoberfest, the Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, PTA events, candle-lightings, in addition to moving equipment for sports tournaments. There's a lot other than just delivering inventory.