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Meet Rebecca Litton: District Nurse

Woman in pink scrubs and glasses smiling in front of school nurse station equipment

Connections with students make Rebecca Litton's job meaningful

Title: District Nurse

Department: Health Services

What makes working in LSR7 different from the other places that you've worked?
I came from a hospital setting. So the pace at which I really get to know the children and the longevity of getting to know students and staff really makes a difference in how you appreciate and love your job.

What is your favorite part of your job?
The students. But also, I think it is seeing them go from kindergarteners all the way up to high school, because some of the students will come back and say hello. It's just watching them grow up and seeing their families develop as well.

What led you to LSR7?
I had my son in 2014. We moved to Lee's Summit, and that downtown drive seemed like a lot. I did a little stint during nursing school at a clinical based in a school and I thought, "That's something I've always been interested in." Then I applied and completely fell in love with this job.

How would you describe the team that you work with?
A family, really. I think we all kind of work and have our own roles just like a family would function. And I think that working together is pretty cohesive. It is open and easy to communicate.

Could you recall one time that brought you joy?
To be honest with you, it almost happens every day. You know, working as a school nurse, you're supposed to be the one they come to when they're hurt and they're sick. But one thing I started doing was standing out in the hallway in the morning, and then the evening when they go home, and just developing relationships with the kiddos. One day I took my sunglasses off and I didn't put my glasses on. I had a little kindergartener come up to me and say, "Where are your glasses? You normally wear pink ones." It's just the fact that the kids know the difference and that they look for you. That's the joy that I receive from it.

How have you felt supported by the school district?
When I traveled from building to building, I had a pretty significant car accident between the two buildings and I ended up injured. I broke both wrists. Not only did my administrators from all the buildings that I had worked in contact me and make sure I was okay, but an assistant superintendent came to my house and brought my family a dinner. That was not expected. I don't think that's ever happened. My administrators and the other nurses that I work with also brought us meals, and I just felt really supported. That leaves a lasting memory for not only me, but my husband and our family as well.