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Meet Vincent Terrell: Air Force JROTC Senior Instructor

A bald man in glasses and a dark blue sweater with military shoulder patches stands in front of an American Flag and model Air Force uniform.

A warm district welcome set the tone for Vincent Terrell's career at LSR7

Title: Senior Instructor

Department: Aerospace Science at Lee's Summit North High School, Air Force JROTC

Years in LSR7: One

What makes working in LSR7 different than any other job you've had?
I would say the level of support from higher headquarters and just the professional development. Any kind of assistance that's requested, for the most part, we've gotten. Being military, you know, it's usually that not that quick of a response. But there's great support for the program that we have over here and my administration has said, "Hey, anything you need, just let me know."

What is your favorite part of the job?
Being able to reach the students and knowing that even in a short time I've been able to be a positive influence. I know it's going to take some time to really get to know a lot of the students, but some have already sort of latched on. I've been able to see just in a short period of time that I can make a difference here at Lee's Summit North.

Is there a particular story that stands out that you would want to share?
There was a student who hadn't been coming to school, and they're on my roster. When I was interning last year they popped up and I asked, "Oh, who are you?" It was just that questioning, you know, taking the time to find out about them as an individual. It's understanding the importance of getting up and making sure that they finish. Grades may not be straight As, more middle of the road, but I'm willing to check in every day. "Hey, you're here. Good."

What led you to LSR7?
The sense of community, the welcome mat. They knew me when I walked in. It was amazing. I tell everybody, I'm new to the education system but I've been around to 17 other locations, and I think this is a little bit different. That's the draw. You wouldn't believe the steps and measures the district takes to ensure that you feel welcomed. The community embraces education and embraces educators.

Describe the team that you work with.
They've been open arms, open doors. 

Do you think that you could describe LSR7 in one word?