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International Studies students invited to speak at Project Management Institute

Graduates of the International Studies program at Summit Technology Academy (STA) were invited to speak at the Project Management Institute’s 30 Anniversary Celebration Wednesday, June 14th, highlighting a multiyear partnership between the Midwest Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMIKC) and the International Studies program at STA.

girl speaks at podium into microphone

Domineque Love (LSN '23) speaks at PMIKC's 30th Anniversary Celebration


Students spoke to the value of having professional project managers embedded into their year-long student teams, as well as the exciting introduction of the PM Ready Industry Credential into the International Studies program.


girl speaks at podium into microphone

Sophia Buck (LSHS '23) speaks at PMIKC's 30th Anniversary Celebration


The partnership began four years ago when students' needs outpaced the traditional resources for project management courses. 

“It has been a lot of work and a lot of effort on the part of many people'', said Curtis Cook, program director for the Summit International Studies Academy at STA. “Even through the pandemic we focused on the future and what we would be able to offer our students.”

What started as simple curriculum delivery, has grown to bring in professional project managers mentoring each student team within the International Studies class. Mentors meet with their team virtually every two weeks for status updates and to reviews their team’s implementation of PMI-aligned industry standards.

“Embedding the PMI professionals into each team has allowed us to embark on even larger international projects throughout the world on all six inhabited continents,” said Mr. Cook.

The 2023-2024 school year will mark the full introduction of PMI’s Project Management Ready Industry Certification into the International Studies curriculum allowing each student to be eligible to test for the certification free of charge.

The international studies program at STA is open to students from LSR7 and students from 32 high school programs throughout the Kansas City Metropolitan Area.