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Prairie View Elementary Principal extends belonging across the district

As the new year begins, Lee's Summit R-7 School District strive to ensure that all students have a sense of belonging.

That’s what happened at Pleasant Lea Elementary as school counselor Dr. Ally Roberson collaborated with the principal of Prairie View Elementary, Mrs. Amy Fennewald.

While preparing to ensure first grader Alexandria Walsh’s school year to be successful and to help her peers understand and accept differences. Mrs. Fennewald was asked to come over and be a super hero for Alexandria as they both have a limb difference in their left arms.

“As I stood by and watch them eat lunch together, it was magical. More than what I could do for her,” said Dr. Roberson.

Mrs. Fennewald was able to offer comfort and understanding to Alexandria, along with insight as PLE continues to support her at school.

Photo of woman in red and gold head covering with girl, both have a limb difference in their left arms