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Summit Success Stories - Week of August 28

LSW AFJROTC Celebrations

Senior Cadet Lt Col Jonathan Scott earned his Private Pilot's License on Aug 6, 2023 as part of the Aviation Academy. It's a competitive, nation-wide Air Force JROTC program where cadets receive a scholarship to earn an FAA pilot's license. He earned his license in Charleston, SC over the summer.

boy in flight suit next to open propeller plane

Senior Cadet Major Arianna Nunez participated in the Aim High Flight Academy, another competitive nation-wide Air Force JROTC program where cadets are exposed to aviation and progress to the point of soloing an airplane on Jul 31, 2023. Cadets can return home from the program complete training to earn a pilot's license or they apply to attend the Aviation Academy to complete their training. 

girl in flight suit next to man and propeller plane
Boy in front of airplane holding certificate
girl in reflective suit, wearing large headset behind the pilot's seat, flying plane