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Summit Technology Students use real world learning opportunities to earn accolades

STEM and Digital Media students at Summit Technology Academy are ending the school year earning some major honors.

Medical Intervention Students and Engineering Design students presented at this year's Project Lead the Way Senior Showcase, organized by the KC STEM Alliance. 14 teams from STA presented research and design products to develop new innovations.

All seven STA teams made the top 10 rankings in the Engineering Design category, including the following top three spots:

  1. "Walkway Lighting" by Grace McKee and Aidan Juarez addressed the need to reduce light pollution by outdoor lighting.
  2. "Automatic Pet Door" by Gretschen Nichol, Jett Reidlinger and Andi David, innovated a better option for pet owners with enhanced safety features, weatherproofing and reasonable costs.
  3. "The Godfather Clock" by Hana Elkishawi, Benjamin Lampe and Wyatt Carlson innovated the standard alarm clock to more effectively wake people up.

All seven teams from STA also made the top 10 in the Biomedical Research and Design category, including first and second place:

  1. "Can E Coli K-12 bacteria develop resistance to bacteriophage T4?" by Lucas Eggers, Rachel Hawver, Marin McMenus and Connor Stock tackled developing new antibacterial treatments.
  2. "Effect of Organic and Chemical Disinfectants on the Growth of S. epidermidis" by Chelsea Foxhoven, Ella Oldham, and Trinity Wheeler determined the effectiveness of organic disinfectants to chemical ones.

Also at the showcase, STA students Jonah Hammel and Piper Stropes earned the STEM Innovator Award for their work to make shopping more user-friendly for those needing assistance from a walker.

Two STA Digital Media teams also deserve congratulations after receiving regional honorable mentions at the Creativity Marathon.

The Creativity Marathon is an opportunity for high school students from around the world to come together to solve some of the world's greatest challenges through a filmmaking competition. Teams produced a three-minute video showing a clear and creative solution to one or more of UNESCO's Sustainable Developmental Goals. 

The following students made up those two Digital Media teams:

  • Jordan Devoy
  • Chloe Doak
  • Amera Haniyeah
  • Casen Hayes
  • Leonardo Impellizzeri
  • Eli Atkinson
  • Josh Batzold
  • Harrison Clutter
  • Abbygale Baker

Congratulations to all the students who ended their year with these incredible honors!