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Student Directory Information

Per the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and Board Policy JO, student information — such as names, grade level, participation in district activities, honors and awards (including art work and coursework displayed by the school), as well as photos, videos and digital images not defined as private — is considered general directory information, and may be disclosed to our school community. View LSR7 Board Policy JO-1.
Parents/guardians have the right to restrict the disclosure of this information by providing the District with notification to “opt out.” Each year during Registration, a process is conducted to determine students who cannot have general directory information, including images, released. Students are marked accordingly in PowerSchool under “Registration” > “Permissions” > “Permission to Publish.”

Starting in 2024-25, parents will opt all in or opt all out of general directory information. This means that the parents of students who are marked “No” under “Permission to Publish” have requested that the district remove student names and images that may personally identify that student from district publications including but not limited to school and district yearbooks, websites, media releases, social media, etc.


  • It is the responsibility of all school personnel to be aware of students who do not have permission to be published. 
  • Never post to the Internet or share with media outlets the names or images of students who are on the district’s “opt-out” list for directory information.
  • With the exception of events that are truly public (graduations, athletic competitions, etc.) this applies to all images in which a student is identifiable, even if the photo or video is of a large group.
  • Per IDEA, no photos should be posted if it would identify a student as a special needs student. 
  • As a reminder, students in the fostering system are not automatically “no photo” students. Foster parents are responsible for notifying the school in order for them to be a “no photo” student.
  • Volunteers will not photograph or videotape students unless authorized by the building principal or designee per Board policy
  • Board policy prohibits staff from sharing photos of students on personal social media without supervisor permission. Our permission process does not extend to employees’ personal social media channels and, as such, you should not circumvent that process by posting student photos or work on your personal accounts. 
  • Always feel free to reshare photos that have been initially posted on a school or classroom or otherwise district-approved social media account on personal social media.