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Former Recipients

15 Teacher of the Year finalists post in a sun room at the Longview Mansion.

LSR7 recognized 15 outstanding educators as part of its 2022 Excellence in Teaching/Teacher of the Year award program, a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce.

From left to right:

  • Mrs. Michona Kuehn - Miller Park Center, Transition Teacher
  • Mrs. Mindy Haesemeyer - Lee's Summit North, English Teacher
  • *Teacher of Distinction
  • Mrs. Susan Mosier - Lee's Summit High, Special Education Teacher
  • Mrs. Holly Dahn - Summit Lakes Middle, Music Teacher
  • Mrs. Sara Witteman - Lee's Summit North, English Teacher
  • *Teacher of Distinction
  • Mrs. Karen Love - Pleasant Lea Elementary, Special Education Teacher
  • Mr. Joseph Keeney - Lee's Summit North, Orchestra Teacher 
  • *Teacher of Distinction
  • Mrs. Jessie Bruto - Hawthorn Hill Elementary, 1st Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Sara McGurk - Pleasant Lea Middle, 8th Grade Math Teacher
  • Mrs. Michelle Lisle - Hazel Grove Elementary, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. Susan Byrne - Cedar Creek Elementary, 3rd Grade Teacher
  • Mrs. Julie Coram - Richardson Elementary/Greenwood Elementary, Gifted Teacher
  • Mrs. Hope MacKenzie - Summit Technology Academy, Engineering Instructor
  • Mrs. Patty Kralicek - Cedar Creek Elementary, Kindergarten Teacher
  • Mrs. Liang May Lee - Lee's Summit High/Lee's Summit West/Summit Lakes Middle School, Chinese Mandarin Teacher

Former Recipients