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Health Services

The Health Services team educates the Lee's Summit school community and provides services and resources to promote an optimal level of wellness.

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The Health Services Personnel of the Lee's Summit R-7 School District includes Registered Nurses, LPN's Health Clerks and secretarial support. Our multidisciplinary team provides services, resources and education to bridge the gap between health and wellness, and education and learning. Our school nurses provide the necessary professional expertise to access, identify, monitor and evaluate your student's health needs.  


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Health Services Coordinator

Lauren Lee, Coordinator

Nicole Fearon, Health Services Secretary

Phone: 816.986.1124

Contact a Nurse

Great Beginnings, 986-2462

Cedar Creek, 986-1282

Greenwood, 986-1342

Hawthorn Hill, 986-3382

Hazel Grove, 986-3312

Highland Park, 986-2272

Lee's Summit Elementary, 986-3352

Longview Farm, 986-4182

Mason Elementary, 986-2352

Meadow Lane, 986-3272

Miller Park, 986-1542

Pleasant Lea, 986-1232

Prairie View, 986-2302

Richardson, 986-2242

Summit Pointe, 986-4212

Sunset Valley, 986-4242

Trailridge, 986-1312

Underwood, 986-3302

Westview, 986-1372

Woodland, 986-2362

Bernard Campbell, 986-3179

Pleasant Lea, 986-1179

Summit Lakes, 986-1389

Lee's Summit High, 986-2144

Lee's Summit North, 986-3044

Lee's Summit West, 986-4004