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Philosophy of Inclusion

Before & After School Services YMCA welcomes children with special needs

Before and After School Services YMCA (BASS) is strongly committed to providing an inclusive, supportive and nurturing atmosphere where children of all abilities and staff have an opportunity to come together.  Our award-winning program is designed to support positive behavior and respectful accommodations for children who have various types of disabilities.

What can you and your child expect from our program?

  • Clean and safe environment where assistive technology is used to accommodate children with visual impairment, hearing impairment, autism spectrum, and the physically disabled.
  • Staff are trained to accommodate children’s medical needs; such as, special dietary needs, medications, G-tube feedings or trach care and other needs.
  • Staff trained to accommodate children using positive behavior support techniques.
  • Curriculum that includes fun activities to engage all children.  Children are encouraged to participate through small and large group activities as well as a free choice system in center areas.

Partnering with parents is an essential part of each child’s success.  Pertinent information is communicated via email, mail, newsletters, phone and face-to face meetings. In this collaborative effort, program enhancements, modifications, and reasonable accommodations can be made to support student success.

Getting Started.

As part of the standard enrollment process for children with special needs, a Before and After School Services YMCA Program Manager will contact the child’s parents/guardian and conduct an initial interview to better understand the child’s specific needs and challenges.  This will help ensure we can best meet your child’s needs during their time at our program.

Once your child joins the program, additional opportunities are available to assist you and your child in the inclusion process that may include observation of your child during school hours, a “Student Spotlight” session for staff and other program participants, and other activities to more fully engage and enrich your child’s experience at the program.