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Legislative Advocacy

The LSR7 School District's tradition of excellence is the result of a collaborative effort among its supportive stakeholders. 

A persistent focus on meeting the needs of each student will result in a legacy unparalleled by our peers in public education.  This legacy of excellence cannot be left to chance and requires ongoing advocacy on behalf of the close to 18,000 students served by the LSR7 School District. It is our responsibility.

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Key Legislative Priorities:

Support legislation that promotes equitable and inclusive educational opportunities in service to our diverse learners.

Support funding early childhood education through an increased appropriation in the Foundation Formula and no decrease to the SAT paid on the formula.

Support legislation that requires all charter schools and MOCAP approved virtual programs to be held to the same standards as all public schools with accreditation status and funding falling under the jurisdiction of the local school district. We support a cap on the amount of money paid to a for-profit virtual education provider per credit hour to the cost of what a school district is paying for their in-district virtual school provider per credit hour.

Support legislation that requires equal representation and the unanimous support of all taxing jurisdictions for any Economic Development Incentive Project (TIF, CH-100, CH-353) or otherwise provide an opt-out provision.

Support expansion of statewide broadband so all students have access to highspeed internet services.

R-7 Advocacy

Our R-7 Advocacy e-newsletter is designed to help interested individuals stay informed about legislative advocacy issues impacting our schools. 

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LSR7 Elected Officials


  • Greg Razer (D) Phone: 573-751-6607
  • Mike Cierpiot (R) Phone: 573-751-1464
  • Barbara Washington (D) Phone: 573-751-3158
  • John Rizzo (D) Phone: 573-751-3074


  • Rory Rowland (D) Phone: 573-751-3623
  • Jonathan Patterson (R) Phone: 573-751-0907
  • Dan Stacy (R) Phone: 573-751-8636
  • Chris Sander (R) Phone: 573-751-9766
  • VACANT (R) Phone: 573-751-1456
  • Keri Ingle (D) Phone: 573-751-1459
  • Annette Turnbaugh (D) Phone: 573-751-0238
  • Mike Haffner (R) Phone: 573-751-3783