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LSR7 Special Olympics

In LSR7 Special Olympics, we currently offer bowling, basketball, track and, most recently, flag football. We believe that all of our students should have the opportunity to learn athletic skills and compete in athletic competitions in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Special Olympics MissouriOur Special Olympics athletes have an opportunity to letter at their respective high schools. Though students are also allowed to participate in other sports, clubs and activities in their own schools, we believe that it is important to offer these special opportunities for our students. 

The physical, emotional and social benefits of participation in Special Olympics are experienced both on the playing field and at home.

  • Physical exercise positively impacts health, mood and anxiety. Emphasis on sports training helps athletes maintain a healthy weight.
  • Athletes participate in activities that enhance their self-esteem and help them see that they can achieve goals they set for themselves.
  • Athletes have many opportunities to make new friends and socialize in an environment that is accepting and encouraging.

Per Special Olympics regulations, a person must be at least eight years old. Children at the age of six may begin a training program but are not able to compete until the age of eight. A person must also be identified by an agency or professional as having one of the following:

  • Intellectual Disability
  • Closely related development disability, which means having functional limitations in both general learning and in adaptive skills such as recreation, work, independent living, self-direction, or self-care.
players jump for basketball tip-off

Vipers of Doom, Unified Basketball Team - Special Olympics State Competition 2022 Bronze Winners

Vipers of Doom team photo

Vipers of Doom, Unified Basketball Team - Special Olympics State Competition 2022 Bronze Winners

a team in green jerseys on court sideline

Vipers of Doom, Unified Basketball Team - Special Olympics State Competition 2022 Bronze Winners

students in green jerseys on basketball court

Vipers of Doom, Unified Basketball Team - Special Olympics State Competition 2022 Bronze Winners

a player in a green jersey dribbles a ball up court

Vipers of Doom, Unified Basketball Team - Special Olympics State Competition 2022 Bronze Winners

Information for Special Olympics Athletes

We LOVE our athletes and look forward to a fantastic LSR7 Special Olympics year! Whether you have a new or returning athlete, please complete the registration form below and also complete the other required forms attached below. The registration form will create an overall roster for LSR7 Special Olympics coaches and staff in order to have access to contact information and important information we should be aware of for your child to provide them with the best experience possible.

Link to LSR7 Athlete Registration Form 

Additional information is required for registration and participation by Special Olympics Missouri. Fill that out information out here.

Information for Unified Partners

Per the Special Olympics Missouri website, "Unified Sports are designed to bring together equal numbers of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team with others of similar skill levels." We are excited to be offering inclusive sports programs at the competition level. We celebrated our unified basketball team, The Vipers of Doom, going to State in March 2022 and our unified relay team going to State in April 2022. This is a great opportunity to stay active, play sports and engage in community service. If you are interested, please complete the LSR7 Unified Partner Interest Form.

Information for Volunteers

Our athletes LOVE our volunteers! Both peers and adults are more than welcome to give of their time supporting skill development at practices and team support for competitions. In addition, we sometimes host exhibitions or competitions where additional volunteers are needed for checking in, setting up, or other organizational tasks. 

Whether you are seeking opportunities to volunteer to meet a requirement, such as high school community service or A+, or you just enjoy working with our special population, we welcome you to provide your contact information so that you can volunteer your time in a meaningful way.

Volunteers who are going to be supervising students alone will need to complete a background check according to Board Policy GBEBC or Special Olympics rules.

Please include your contact information below and we will share information with our volunteer base as new seasons begin and as new opportunities arise.

Click Here to Volunteer

LSR7 Special Olympics Contacts

Have questions or need assistance?
Dawn Jones, Special Olympics Coordinator
Liz Hartenstein, Admin Assistant Special Services Dept. or 816-986-1012
Special Olympics Missouri Website

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