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Student Support

LSR7 believes that young people thrive when all student needs are met.

The Student Support department supports district initiatives to provide a variety of social, emotional, and career-readiness supports in order to help each student achieve success in life.

Our team includes:
Mental Health Therapists are responsible for assisting families and schools for better success by eliminating possible barriers to the learning process.

School Counselors provide a broad range of supports to all students, including classroom lessons, social and emotional support, career and academic support, and teacher and caregiver consultation.

School-Based Services utilize partnerships with Burrell Comprehensive Mental Health and ReDiscover to bring extra support into our buildings to meet students' needs.

Family Support

View a collection of resources updated by our Student Support Team to support your family.

Section 504

Visit our Section 504 website for more information about how we support students with disabilities.


Learn about our efforts to incorporate student voice into wellbeing efforts.

Student Wellbeing Resources

Student Support is a top priority in LSR7.

Our School Counseling team has compiled resources for our school community to support all aspects of well-being for our students, caregivers and staff.

Access Student Wellbeing Resources

Director of Student Support

Dr. Jesi Cygan

Sarah Thompson
Administrative Assistant

Phone: 816.986.1023
Fax:  816.986.1585

Staff Wellness

Our emphasis on wellbeing extends to staff, too. Visit our Staff Wellbeing page to learn more about resources, services and programs to support the valuable employees who take care of our students each day. Learn more.