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Calling all families of incoming kindergarteners! Kindergarten Kickoff is 5-6 p.m. on Thu. March 7 at all elementaries! More info.

High School Counselors

School Counselors

Lee's Summit High School: Sally Sabata, 816-986-2118

Lee's Summit High School: Taylor Chandler, 816-986-2020
Lee's Summit High School: Stacey O'Connell, 816-986-2018
Lee's Summit High School: Kris Little, 816-986-2019
Lee's Summit High School: Kayla Maassen, 816-986-2119
Lee's Summit North: Robin Gray, 816-986-3020
Lee's Summit North: Laura Hillbrand, 816-986-3018
Lee's Summit North: John Stone, 816-986-3019
Lee's Summit North: Dana Green, 816-986-3021
Lee's Summit North: Rebecca Steele, 816-986-3036
Lee's Summit West: Kristi Gregory, 816-986-4041
Lee's Summit West: April Marquez, 816-986-4019
Lee's Summit West: Kerry Stites, 816-986-4018
Lee's Summit West: Vince Ahrens, 816-986-4020
Lee's Summit West: Tammy Vogler, 816-986-4021
Summit Ridge Academy: Jennifer Ailshire, 816-986-4123
Secondary Full-time Online Students: Erin Barnett, 816-986-2114