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Media Review Committees

LSR7 has policies in place to allow parents, employees, or community members to formally request that the district reconsider books or library materials that are available to students.

In LSR7, that policy is KLB-AP, which includes a form (KLB-AF) titled Public Questions, Comments or Concerns Regarding District Instructional/Media/Library Materials. When a formal KLB-AF is submitted, books are reviewed by a Media Review Committee.

Per policy, Media Review Committee must be made up of staff, district patrons and students and can make one of three recommendations regarding the materials in question:

  • Retain without restriction.
  • Retain with restriction.
  • Remove.

The Superintendent receives the recommendation and reports it to the complainant. If the complainant chooses to appeal, the Board of Education reviews and votes on the committee’s recommendation.

Visit the 2023 Media Review Committee Process tab to learn more about how the School District applied this policy to media review committees this spring. Visit the Library Collection Development tab to learn more about how district librarians select books, and empower parents and students to select and discuss books.

Learn more:

How a Book Becomes a Library Book

The Rights and Responsibilities of a Reader:

You have the right to:

  • Read whatever you choose.
  • Abandon a book if you are uninterested or uncomfortable.
  • Read however you like: skip pages, listen to the audiobook, or read the ending first.
  • Re-read your favorites!

You have the responsibility to:

  • Respect the rights of others to read whatever they choose.
  • Challenge yourself to read about different topics, people and in a variety of formats.
  • Speak with your teacher if an assigned book makes you uncomfortable.