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Incorporating student voices into the decisions we make about how we care for students, learn in the classroom and plan for the future is important.

LSR7 provides students grades 4-12 with the opportunity to directly share input about their experiences in our schools through students surveys shared multiple times throughout the year. We shared these specific surveys through a platform called Panorama.

LSR7's surveys ask grades 4-12 students for their perspectives on:

School safety & belonging, classroom & learning experiences and social awareness, self-management and self-efficacy skills (grades 4-12)

Diversity & inclusion (grades 6-12 only)Panorama surveys help us gauge how safe students feel at school and how connected they feel to their peers and teachers. They also show us how students perceive their own social and emotional skills.

This process give the staff members who care for your students valuable student data to provide support and intervention where needed as well as meaningful insights about the teaching and learning provided in LSR7.

Questions about Panorama surveys, including opt-out information, should be directed to your student's building leader.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LSR7 use student and staff surveys to inform decision-making?

LSR7 uses the Panorama platform and survey tool to incorporate the voices of students in grades 4-12 into district decisions, analyze how well our school environments are serving the student body overall and help individual students receive the support they need. LSR7 also uses the surveys to collect feedback from staff members about their sense of belonging at work.

What is Panorama?

Panorama Education is an education company that provides K-12 schools districts with a survey tool and platform to collect feedback from students about their experiences at school and use data to improve outcomes for students. 

Is Panorama a part of the district's strategic plan?

Yes. Panorama is a tool that academic leaders are using to achieve several goals in our district strategic plan, including increasing career exploration opportunities for students, providing a sense of belonging for staff, including student voice in decision-making and promoting student and staff wellness. Mental wellness and belonging are 2 of 5 "peak priorities" in our district strategic plan.

Does Panorama support aspects of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's improvement program (MSIP6) for K-12 districts?

New state standards require districts to survey students, staff and parents to provide feedback on learning environments. Surveys shared through Panorama meet state expectations.

How are the surveys developed and what do they measure?

Panorama provides school districts with survey templates that were developed by Dr. Hunter Gehlbach, Vice Dean at the Johns Hopkins School of Education, and his research team at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Dr. Gehlbah is a senior research advisor at Panorama Education. Survey topics collect student perspectives on topics including safety, climate, diversity, inclusion, student support and social-emotional learning. Social-emotional learning includes all the ways students learn skills, such as self-awareness and resilience, to be successful in all aspects of their life. 

What kind of questions are asked on Panorama surveys?

Survey questions ask students about their school experiences, including whether they feel safe and connected to others at school. Panorama surveys are not mental health screeners. The survey does not ask background information on the following topics: preferred political party, religion, sexuality, or total amount of income. Grades 6-12 surveys do include age-appropriate questions about topics of race. Parents can view all Panorama questions asked of students below:

How does Panorama keep students' data secure?

Panorama follows best practices and legal requirements when it comes to the use of student information. The company does not market, sell or rent student personal information. Panorama uses student data for the purpose of serving schools. Panorama does not use student data for purposes other than serving schools and districts and cannot share any education or student information unless authorized by the school or district or under applicable law. Read more about Panorama's approach to privacy.

All data collected through Panorama surveys is owned by LSR7.

Who can see my student's responses and results?

All responses shared in these surveys are secure. Your student will answer several questions on each topic. Teachers and school leaders cannot see individual survey responses; however, they can see the student's responses converted to whole numbers between 1 and 5 and averaged within a topic to produce a mean topic score. A mean topic score of 3.5 or higher is considered a strength. After viewing these scores, the staff members who care for your student will be able to provide support and interventions where needed.

Overall aggregate scores are accessible to additional district leaders in order to help inform decisions about improving our school environments.

May I opt my student out of Panorama surveys?

Yes. An opt-out form can be found here for the 2023-24 year. If you are completing this form after Aug. 24, 2023, please follow up with your principal to ensure that your information is processed.

May I opt to see my student's survey results?

To view a copy of your child's Panorama data dashboard, which includes survey data, academics, attendance and test scores, please reach out to your student's principal.