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Board Public Participation

Public comment podium with microphone

Several avenues for the exchange of information, ideas and opinions are authorized by the R-7 Board of Education. These are designed to provide for full and open communication between the public and the Board.

The Board members make efforts to identify community opinions and to be responsive to community concerns. With the exception of closed sessions which are legally conducted within the parameters of the “Missouri Open Meetings Act,” all regular meetings, special meetings and workshops of the Board of Education shall be open to the public. Scheduled periods for public comment will be provided to permit the public to speak on matters addressed on the current agenda of the regular monthly meeting. Please view the R-7 Board of Education meeting schedule.

All Board of Education meetings will be presided over by the Board president with the primary purpose of conducting the business of the Board in a responsible and expeditious manner. The president has the authority to regulate and limit public participation.

For more information, please contact the Custodian of Records, Linda Ismert, at

Board Meetings On YouTube

Regular monthly Board of Education meetings are available on the district’s YouTube channel.

Public Participation Guidelines:

The following avenues of public participation operate within the framework of the Board of Education’s scheduled meetings.

Communicating In Writing
Written correspondence may be directed to the Board, through the superintendent, for consideration at meetings. Statements of two pages or less are encouraged.

Placing An Item On The Agenda
Patrons may request to have an item considered for placement on the agenda by submitting a request in writing to the superintendent. To be considered, the request must be received one week (five working days) before the scheduled meeting. For more information, feel free to call the Office of the Superintendent at (816) 986-1008.

Public Comment
For more information about board policy on public comments, view Policy BDDH.

Public Hearings
The Board of Education may also schedule public hearings on matters of concern to the community, such as the annual budget.

Contacting A Board Of Education Member
Electronic communications to Board of Education members may be submitted through the Board Contact Page.

Community Conversations

The Board of Education began hosting Community Conversations in Fall 2023 as an opportunity for two-way communication with LSR7 stakeholders. 

Board members host small discussions at the World Cafe style events to facilitate and support productive conversations about topics of interest in LSR7. While the groups talk and debrief to the group, a graphic designer creates an infographic to share the highlights of those conversations. Those graphics will be shared below after each Community Conversation event.

October 17, 2023

December 11, 2023