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In LSR7 we believe all students deserve a school experience enriched by a deep sense of dignity and belonging.

All LSR7 efforts, structures, resources and people align around a clear, district-wide vision of equitable learning and development and a shared understanding of why and how this drives everyone's work.

Our district's Equity Policy reflects our expectations to provide an equitable education for every student and our LSR7 Beliefs and Commitments outline our vision.

two students sitting at a table, reading books and smiling
Graphic with text: Episode 9: Summit Up, An LSR7 Podcast: What's RIASEC?

Featured Content

Our Summit Up podcast explores RIASEC personality themes being incorporated at the elementary level as part of our LSR7 Diploma Plus work.

As we prepare each student for success in life, students need a clear sense of who they are and what success will mean for their future. RIASEC is a powerful tool to help younger students develop a strong sense of self. 

Panorama Surveys

Learn about our efforts to incorporate student voice into district processes.