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Mason Elementary

the front entrance of Mason Elementary

Mason Elementary renovations: On time and on budget

Our Mason Elementary project is complete. Through our community's support, our second oldest elementary building now has a new entryway,  media center, and administrative suite, renovated, future-ready classrooms throughout the building and an expanded parking lot. These upgrades incorporate flexible and collaborative learning spaces for all students and add more than 20,000 square footage to the school.

Project Information

See Our Progress

Mason Elementary building

December 2021

a backhoe tearing up concrete in front of a brick building

September 2020

a construction site with bare beams of a structure and piles of gravel and other construction materials

January 2021

a construction site with a bare foundation and cinderblock building

January 2021

a steel structure covered in scaffolding

April 2021

the front of a completed building with children climbing a flight of stairs to the entrance

August 2021

interior view of a large, modern room with a perforated dividing wall and a wall of windows

August 2021

Mason Elementary hallway

December 2021

classroom space with students working at desks

Tinker Lab - 2022

a hallway with workspaces

Inspiration Station - 2022

a shared space with soft furniture and a smartboard

Cozy Cave - 2022

a hallway view of a classroom space

Creative Corner - 2022

a hallway with student work spaces

Family Room - 2022

Total Budget: $16 million

Location: 27600 NE Colbern Road

Construction Start Date: September 2020

Construction Completed: Winter 2021

Construction Manager: JE Dunn Construction

Architect: Hollis + Miller Architects

exterior view of Mason Elementary at sunrise