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Grade: 10

Credit: 1 unit
Science teacher approval, Biology I or Adv. Studies Biology I and one unit of Algebra I or higher; strongly
recommend minimum B- average in both Biology or AS Biology I AND Algebra I or Algebra/Geometry III or above

This course is an accelerated, in-depth study of first year chemistry. Topics include atomic structure, scientific measurement,
periodicity, mass-mole relationships, chemical reactions, gas laws, acid-base and pH studies, and fundamentals of organic
chemistry with selected physical science topics and applications. Students will develop competence in the laboratory and
demonstrate the relationships between theory and practical applications. This course is designed for the student with a science
focus, intending to enroll in advanced science courses in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics. It is a prerequisite for IB Biology, IB
Chemistry and AP Physics. Students may not enroll in Chemistry I upon completion of this course.