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Aerospace Science and Leadership 200

Grades 9-12 

Credit: 1 Unit – Elective Science Credit

Aerospace Science 200 -The Science of Flight: A Gateway to New Horizons is an introductory course and customized textbook that focuses on how airplanes fly, how weather conditions affect flight, flight and the human body, and flight navigation. The course is designed to complement materials taught in math, physics, and other science-related courses and is aligned with the National Science Education Standards, the Math Standards and Expectations, and ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students.
Aerospace Science 220 - Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness: This is a customized course about the world’s cultures. The course is specifically created for the US Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force Junior ROTC programs. It introduces students to the world’s cultures through the study of world affairs, regional studies, and cultural awareness. The course delves into history, geography, religions, languages, culture, political systems, economics, social issues, environmental concerns, and human rights. It looks at major events and significant figures that have shaped each region. Throughout the course, there are readings, video segments, hands-on activities, other optional activities, technology enrichment, and assessments to guide in the reinforcement of the materials.

Leadership Education 200 - Communication, Awareness, and Leadership, Second Edition: This is a customized course designed to improve communication, enhance awareness of self and others, and provide fundamentals of leadership and followership. The course focuses on the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) mission to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.” Woven throughout is the underlying theme of developing personal integrity. The course also emphasizes leadership and values such as service and excellence. This update incorporates 21st century teaching, learning, and skills of critical
thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.