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Aerospace Science and Leadership 400

Grades 10-12

Credit: 1 Unit

Aerospace Science 400 – Management of the Cadet Corps: The cadets should be in a leadership position of managing cadet corps programs by their fourth year in the Air Force Junior ROTC program. Not every leadership position needs to be held by fourth year cadets and AS 400 is intended for 4th year cadets who hold corps management positions. However, if necessary due to a low number of 4th year cadets, 3rd year cadets may be placed in corps management positions and enrolled in AS 400. AS 400 is not intended for cadets who do not hold corps management/leadership positions and instructors should ensure only those cadets holding corps management/leadership positions are enrolled in the course. This hands-on experience affords cadets the opportunity to put theories of previous leadership courses into practice. Planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, controlling, and decision-making will be done by cadets. They will put into practice their communication, decision-making, personal- interaction, managerial, and organizational skills.

Leadership Education 400 – Fundamentals of Management: To analyze management and its application to JROTC. To analyze the elements of project management. To evaluate the importance of formal planning within an organization. To analyze decision making within an organization. To evaluate time management and change management within an organization. To analyze concerns managers must consider in managing individuals and groups. To analyze the factors that make work teams productive. To evaluate the interpersonal skills of delegating, negotiating, and mentoring.