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Aerospace Science and Leadership 500


Grades 11-12 

Credit: 1 Unit

PREREQUISITE: Have successfully completed a minimum of 2 years of AFJROTC coursework (to include AS 200: The Science of Flight: A Gateway to New Horizons) and maintained a grade of C or better.
The intent of the program is to provide AFJROTC an academically challenging course for top achievers in the AFJROTC program. Entry into ground school should be earned by high achievement in other AFJROTC courses and involvement in the cadet corps. The course should receive “honors” (i.e. advanced) credit and must have approval of principal. The student must have written approval from the SASI/ASI prior to registering and must be a junior or senior honor student who has demonstrated potential and aptitude. When the course is completed students should be prepared to take and pass the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) written examination per requirement of the Federal Aviation Regulations FAR 61-05 Section 61.3.

WELLNESS PROGRAM: Wellness is an official and integral part of the Air Force Junior ROTC program. It consists of two exercise programs focused upon individual base line improvements with the goal of achieving a national standard as calculated by age and gender. Wellness curriculum is instrumental in developing citizens of character dedicated to serving our nation and communities. The program is provided as a tool to help you develop individualized fitness programs for your cadets. Cadets will be given the opportunity to put into practice the wellness concepts that are taught in Leadership Education 100. Instructors are encouraged to include team sports to keep the Wellness Program fun and motivating. Team sports also provide cadets the opportunity to develop leadership skills and build esprit de corps. Instructors are also encouraged to utilize sites such as to help develop lesson plans and fitness activities. The Wellness Program also provides a list of 19 exercises with examples that may be utilized in a 36-week program modifiable to help provide variety and meet individual and district/state goals. Instructors should utilize fitness programs that best fit the requirements within their district/ county/state. HQ AFJROTC offers suggested fitness programs that will help instructors with developing a comprehensive fitness program. Cadet fitness improvement is rewarded by earning the Health and Wellness Ribbon.
Cadet Fitness Assessments: Instructors are expected to complete a pre- and post- Physical Fitness Assessment for cadets in their unit. A pre-assessment will establish a baseline for each cadet, the post assessment will determine whether the cadet has improved. The pre- and post- assessment will consist of the following five physical fitness exercises:
• Curl-ups (or partial curl-ups), a.k.a. Sit-ups
• Shuttle Run
• Endurance run/walk
• Pull-ups / Right Angle Push-ups / Flexed-Arm Hang)
• V-sit reach (or sit and reach)