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Grade: 11-12

Credit: 1 unit
PREREQUISITE: World History teacher approval
NOTE: Course qualifies for Advanced Placement: accelerated, in-depth course; and preparation for AP exam. AP
exam must be taken weighted credit. All students must take the AP exam and pay the examination fee.

This class is organized around 20 periods of major emphasis for the AP exam: Rise of Europe; Greek/Roman Heritage; Europe
in the Middle Ages; End of Medieval Worlds/Renaissance; Reformation; English Reformation/Catholic Counter Reformation; Age
of Exploration; Religious Wars; Age of Absolute Monarchs; Scientific Revolution/Age of Enlightenment; French
Revolution/Napoleon; reaction and advent of the “isms”; Revolutions of 1848/Marxism; Europe late 19th Century; Europe’s World
Supremacy; WWI; Russian Revolution; Europe between wars/origin of WWII; and Postwar World.