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Grade: 10-12

Credit: 1 unit
Biology I or Adv. Studies Biology I. One unit of credit in Algebra I or Algebra/Geometry III; strongly recommend
minimum C- each semester in both Biology or AS Biology I AND Algebra I or Algebra/Geometry III --not to be taken concurrently;
must have earned a C or better in FPC if FPC was taken in the 10th grade; students who’ve completed Adv.Studies
Chemistry I cannot enroll

This class is the study of the composition, structure, and properties of matter and the changes it undergoes. Topics include atomic
structure, scientific measurement, periodicity, mass-mole relations, chemical reactions, gas laws, acid-base, and fundamentals of
organic chemistry. The student must understand algebra to solve word problems and to use formulas and exponential notation;
problem solving in a practical context.