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Grades 10-12

Credit .5 unit
Foundations of Fitness

This course will introduce students to various activities that promote an active fitness lifestyle. Students will participate in activities
that are current fitness trends such as hiking, biking, pickleball, tennis, ice skating, roller skating, fitness walking, jogging,
resistance training, HITT training, yoga etc. Students will utilize current technology, provided by the District for the semester, to
track and analyze their heart rate, steps, time engaged in activity and energy expenditure. Students will set personal activity goals
and journal their plan and action steps toward those goals. Students will also investigate their community fitness areas such as
parks, recreation and fitness centers to determine cost, availability and access as well as activities available at that site. This
course may have some on site activity/fitness assessment along with online journaling, tracking and analysis. Students are
expected to be self-motivated and disciplined to complete work as scheduled.