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Grade: 9-12

Credit: 1 unit
Ability grouped by department through audition

NOTE: This group combines with Symphonic Band to form marching band during 1st quarter of school year. Marching
band fees are required. Auditions from Marching Band into Concert/Symphonic Band are mandatory and will be a part
of the 1st semester grade.

This class is designed to further develop instrumental music skills in tone production, rhythm
study, music notation, dynamics and articulation. A more in-depth study of musical style and expression will be explored.
Performances are a major part of this course. The marching band appears at all home football games and competes in
marching competitions. Attendance is required at all rehearsals and performances. Formal dress purchase or tuxedo
rental is required for this class. A district activity fee of $50.00 applies to this course.