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Grade: 12

Credits: 3 units, 1.5 Fall Semester, 1.5 Spring Semester
PREREQUISITE: GPA: 2.5 cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher; Math: Algebra II, B- or higher.
PREREQUISITE for PLTW Member Schools: Introduction to Engineering Design (IED), Principles of Engineering (POE), and
one of the following courses: Digital Electronics (DE), Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Aerospace Engineering (AE)
or Civil Engineering/Architecture (CEA).
Recommended: Average Math and Engineering grade: B- or higher; Pre-calculus (completed or concurrent enrollment) OR
Physics with a B or higher. *Engineering involves applied mathematics; therefore, students are strongly encouraged to take the
most rigorous math course for which they qualify and concurrently with their engineering course.

Fall semester (EDD) Student design teams work on an open-ended problem in which they research, design, and construct a
solution. Students apply principles developed in the four preceding courses, learn advanced physics and mathematical
applications, and are guided by engineering mentors. Design teams must present progress reports, submit a final written report,
and defend their solutions to a panel of Kansas City area engineering professionals at the end of the fall semester. There may
be opportunities to work with local business partners in helping solve some client-connected projects if the team so chooses

Spring Semester (EFE) Prerequisite: B- or better in EDD, and a B- or better in the mathematical activities as presented by the
instructor throughout EDD.

The Engineering Field Experience (EFE) course is designed to provide students with those experiences that are relevant to the
day-to-day working environment of professional engineers, independent thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication.
A project is determined by a local business partner that includes aspects of various engineering fields, such as mechanical,
electrical and civil. Engineers will be the subject matter experts and teach relevant topics to the students twice a week to aid in
the completion of the project. Students will be divided up into teams based on the needs of the project and will be expected to work
as a team to bring the project to fruition. Students will consider all aspects of the planning and design for the project and present
their findings at the end of the semester.
*Students will need to make arrangements for transportation to off-site visits on predetermined dates. Please speak with the
administration if you have any transportation concerns.