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Grades: 9-11

Credit: 1 unit
PREREQUISITE: Earned Algebra I credit.
NOTE: Only available to students enrolled in Geometry in Construction (Math) and MUST be taken concurrently. Enrollment in AMPED on Algebra is NOT required.

Do you prefer to learn in a hands-on, real-world environment? Then this class is for you! Students will learn Geometry concepts through building scale models and full-scale capstone projects, such as sheds, doghouses, and greenhouses, for district and community clients. Students will also participate in a service learning project for a local non-profit organization. This course will teach students all Missouri Geometry standards through relevant, interactive, and fun career and technical education projects. The development of 21st-century workplace skills such as attention to detail, critical thinking, communication, and teamwork are also emphasized. Regular attendance is recommended. This is a double-blocked class where students must be concurrently enrolled in Geometry in Construction (Math).