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IB BIOLOGY HL 11th/12th grade

Grade: 11

Credit: 1 unit
PREREQUISITE: B- average in Biology I/Adv. Studies Biology I and Chemistry I/Adv. Studies Chemistry I, and teacher approval

Grade: 12

Credit: 1 unit
IB Biology I

Two-year program: The student will receive a unit of credit for each year. Coursework builds upon knowledge gained in Adv.
Studies Biology I and Adv. Studies Chemistry. Students follow the syllabus provided by the International Baccalaureate
Organization. The course requires commitment to a rigorous two-year biology program. The student is required to complete an
Internal Assessment, showing competence in using scientific methodology for problem solving that will be submitted to the IB
examiner. A mandatory Group 4 project will be completed during the two-year period. Refer to the Advanced Studies section
for IB distinctions, grading, testing and exam fee requirements. May be offered for dual credit for eligible students. Dual
credit information can also be found under the Advanced Studies section.