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IB CHEMISTRY HL 11th/12th grade

Grade: 11

Credit: 1 unit
: B- average in Biology I/Adv. Studies Biology I and Chemistry I/Adv. Studies Chemistry I, and teacher approval

Grade: 12

Credit: 1 unit
IB Chemistry I

Two-year program: Certificate will be issued at the end of the second year. (Students desiring only one year of advanced study
should enroll in Chemistry II).
Coursework is equivalent to one full year of university inorganic chemistry. A minimum of 25% of instructional time is spent in the
laboratory. The student is expected to reason from and apply chemical principles, appropriately choose and manipulate numerous
mathematical formulas, demonstrate competence in the laboratory, show understanding of the relationships between theory and
practical laboratory applications, and do some planning of laboratory procedures in entirety. Refer to the Advanced Studies
section for IB distinctions, grading, testing and exam fee requirements.