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Grade: 11 or 12

Credit: 1 unit
IB Psychology Standard Level (SL) is a one-year course students may take either 11th or 12th grade. Students who take SL
during 11th grade will have the option with teacher approval to take IB Psychology Higher Level (HL) during their 12th grade year.
Students who choose this option will not test their junior year.


Grade: 12TH

Credit: 1 unit
HL students will be assessed as SL students, as well as comprehension of qualitative research methodology, inferential statistical
analysis, and a more in-depth approach than that required of SL students.
PREREQUISITE: Students must have taken or be enrolled in another IB course or have IB Coordinator approval

The course is designed from the syllabus provided by the International Baccalaureate office. IB Psychology is a rigorous and
challenging course designed to allow college-bound juniors and seniors an intensive study of the field of psychology. The course
is both reading and writing intensive and allows students to examine the fundamental influences of biological, cognitive, and
sociocultural processes and factors on human behavior. Students will develop an understanding of alternative explanations of
behavior and an awareness of how psychological research can be applied for the benefit of humans. Students are required to
replicate a published experiment and, HL students will be required to utilize a complex level of statistical analysis with heavy
emphasis on methodology. NOTE: Course may be taken for 3 hours of college credit.