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WEIGHTED: 0.666 or 1.0

Grade: 12

Credit: 1 unit
C- or above in the previous course or teacher approval

Students will review grammatical structures, write compositions, make oral presentations, and read and discuss a variety of
texts at an advanced level. The thematic units include youth culture education, health, environment, politics, media, and
technology. In class, students are expected to work well both independently and in groups and to speak the target language
exclusively. In the examinations, students will be expected to discuss the IBO themes in a group as well as individually; to read
with comprehension a wide variety of texts; and to write and speak with grammatical accuracy, displaying a broad range of
vocabulary. Students have the option of taking the IB Spanish SL exam. Refer to the Advanced Studies tab section for
IB grading and testing requirements. This class may be offered for dual credit to eligible students. Dual credit
information can also be found under the Advanced Studies section.