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Grade: 11-12

Credits: 3 units, 1.5 Fall Semester and 1.5 Spring Semester
Dual Credit: UCM POLS 2535 (3 credits available to eligible students)
GPA: minimum 2.5 GPA cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher. Completed or enrolled in at least
level two Modern Language courses; home internet access is required.

Note: Upon successful completion of the Summit International Studies Academy (SISA), the requirements will be met for
Modern Global Issues. If a student drops out of SISA, they must take Modern Global Issues.

This course is designed for students who are passionate about world cultures and languages who need help in taking those first
steps towards working internationally or studying abroad. Students will acquire 84 skills considered essential to working and
studying internationally, with specific attention given to intercultural communication, international language exploration, project
management and collaboration, professionalism, technology, and research. Students will then apply those skills through our
student-run cultural consulting firm, Global Prep Squad (GPS). GPS works with international partners on six continents providing
professionally-implemented international business tools and solutions which help guide our business clients through the
challenges of working within a global context. As a student-run business, GPS has an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility
commitment requiring students to work on multiple service projects utilizing international virtual teams based throughout the world.
A Rotary Interact club is embedded into the class which helps to facilitate these international projects. Students will also participate
in Model United Nations by writing position papers and studying the political/social/economic environments of individual countries.
Students should be comfortable using technology, presenting in front of groups, and understand the expectations of
professionalism. Students will work extensively in teams both locally and globally Student grades are determined through a unique
system that allows motivated students the flexibility needed to personalize their experience. Students in this program are expected
to think for themselves, be able to initiate and manage multiple projects on their own, and are always expected to display the
utmost professional behavior. Students will leave this program with an extensive Personal International Network of valuable global
connections that will provide the path forward for them to realize their dreams of working internationally.