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Grade: 11-12

Credit: 0.5 unit
PREREQUISITE: 2 credits of science

NOTE: Also offered through R-7 Online Academy

Meteorology will be a research/project/activity-based course, which requires attention to detail, good organization and selfmotivating
skills. Students will be expected to write, make presentations and communicate information about the study of weather
and the atmosphere. Meteorology begins with a look at the atmosphere followed by a discussion of wind, clouds, air masses and
sometimes catastrophic weather events. Many resource aids are obtained from outside sources. By the end of the Meteorology
course, students will understand and use the atmospheric concepts and weather to predict and forecast approaching conditions.
Students will download data from weather satellites and from the Internet to observe the patterns and real time data of
meteorology. Students will do research throughout this course to advance their understanding of meteorology. Students will
distinguish between local, regional, national, hemispheric, and global weather and climatic systems and conditions.