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Grades 9-12

Credit: 1 unit

In this first introductory course in the PLTW Computer Science pathway, students learn how to help people and make
the world a better place using the skills, tools, and thinking of computing. Students will learn how to code by learning
to create apps and games for phones and mobile devices using a beginner-friendly, visual, block-based coding
environment called MIT App Inventor. Next students learn more advanced programming concepts to program Self
Driving Vehicles to autonomously navigate maps, while using a beginner-friendly Vex block-based programming
language. As students gain understanding and confidence with coding in the graphical environment, students will apply
their new coding knowledge to learn the power of text-based code. Students will design and create applications using
the text-based programming language Python. Finally, students will also learn how to make computers work together
to realize their designs. This entry-level course exposes students to a diverse set of computational thinking concepts,
fundamentals, and tools and provides a strong foundation for the PLTW pathway of Computer Science Principles.