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Grade: 12 Credits: 3 units, 1.5 Fall Semester, 1.5 Spring Semester

Dual Credit: UCM NUR 1700/2710 and NUR 2000 (4 credits available to eligible students)
PREREQUISITE: GPA: 2.5 cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher; Math: Algebra I, C or higher; Reading/Writing: 10th
grade level; Biology and Chemistry, B- or higher
REQUIREMENTS for Clinical Placement: Upon approval in the program, a negative drug screen and TB skin test results (at
student expense), background check and proof of immunizations; Achievement of Standard on Professional Nursing Scoring
Recommended: Anatomy/Physiology (completed or concurrent enrollment); Chemistry II; Algebra II; College Prep English

This course is designed to prepare senior students, who have identified nursing as a clear career goal, for a collegiate registered
nursing program. Students will learn through classroom instruction and practice in a clinical skills lab. Major units of study include
nursing history and career exploration, medical math, CPR/First Aid, nursing skills, and medical terminology. . The course will
introduce students to the nursing process, nursing documentation, effective communication skills, medical ethics, andNCLEX-RN
style assessment questions. Students will learn and use APA writing style. Earned Certifications include: BLS/CPR; First Aid and
OSHA 10.