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Grade: 11-12

Credits: 1.5 units
Dual Credit: UCM CS 1820 (3 credits available to eligible students)

PREREQUISITE: Software Development - Java or PLTW Computer Science A and a teacher recommendation; GPA: 2.5
cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher; Math; Algebra II, B- or higher or previous programming knowledge;
Reading/Writing: 10th grade or higher; Keyboarding, minimum of 30 WPM.
Recommended: One of the following courses: PLTW Computer Science Essentials OR PLTW Computer Science Principles
OR Computer Hardware and Operating Systems I (offered in a traditional format or through R7 Online)

If gaming and apps are your thing, this is the course for you! Explore the history of game design while learning and utilizing the
phases in the game development cycle. Learn the process of the design and implementation of software applications, including
games, from initial research and development to the end goal of implementation. Students will learn what they need to create a
functioning application by the end of this course.