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Grade: 11-12

Credits: 1.5 units
PREREQUISITE: Software Development - Python with B- or higher or PLTW Computer Science Principles or teacher
recommendation; GPA: 2.5 cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher; Math; Algebra II, B- or higher or previous
programming knowledge; Reading/Writing: 10th grade or higher; Keyboarding, minimum of 30 WPM.
Recommended: Prior understanding of the Python programming language is recommended.

Do you ever wonder why ads “just so happen” to pop up for you? Data doesn’t lie, and it is being used to make decisions and
guide next steps daily. Uncover the mystery behind the data. Students will use the Python programming language to learn the
basics of Data Analytics as well as give them hands-on experience working with database tools available. This course, designed
with our advanced learners in mind, will continue their understanding and implementation of programming fundamentals and
concepts acquired through previous programming courses. We will explore python libraries specific to the field of data
manipulation. By the end of the semester, students will understand how Machine Learning fits into Artificial Intelligence and use
different methods of Machine Learning including Neural Networks.