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Grade: 11-12

Credits: 1.5 units
Dual Credit:
UCM CS 1100, 1110 (6 credits available to eligible students)
PREREQUISITE: GPA: 2.5 cumulative or higher; Attendance: 90% or higher; Math; Algebra II, B- or higher or previous
programming knowledge; Reading/Writing: 10th grade or higher; Keyboarding, minimum of 30 WPM.
Recommended: One of the following courses: PLTW Computer Science Essentials OR PLTW Computer Science Principles
OR Computer Hardware and Operating Systems I (offered in a traditional format or through R7 Online)

Learn Java, one of the primary languages of software development. Dig into Java content currently taught in college curriculum
and in industry. This course teaches essential concepts of computer programming in the structured programming paradigm
using a modern high-level programming language. Topics include foundational programming concepts, data types, variables,
operators, selections, loops, methods, arrays, classes, objects, strings and text I/O, inheritance, polymorphism, interfaces, GUI
basics, graphics, and event-driven programming. Students interested in the MIC Computer Science: Software Development or
Software Engineering early bachelor degree program must enroll in this course and Software Development - Python.