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WEIGHTED: 0.666 (Spanish for Heritage Speaking II Only)
Grade: 9-12

Credit: 1 unit
Spanish teacher approval

This course is designed to improve Spanish language skills and increase the knowledge and appreciation of Latin American
culture for native Spanish-speaking students and students who have previously received bilingual Spanish language instruction.
Students will learn to distinguish between and improve the use of colloquial and formal spoken Spanish. Students will also
develop more advanced skills in reading comprehension, creative writing styles, and grammatical structures. This course will
help the native Spanish-speaking students to further understand their language and therefore, apply these skills to the learning
of English as a second language. Differentiated instructional techniques will be employed. NOTE: Spanish for Heritage
Speakers I and II will meet in combined classes. Course themes will alternate on an A year/B year rotation. Pre-testing
results will determine the student’s placement. The class may not be offered at every building every year.