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Grade: 12

Credit: .5 unit for minimum 10 hours per week supervised employment
1 unit for minimum 20 hours per week supervised employment

PREREQUISITE: Must also enroll in a year-long business class (or two semester long classes) 90% attendance,
teacher approval, and appropriate credits earned for graduation

SBE is a workplace learning program providing on-the-job experience in an approved, supervised work position.
Students may work in any local business where at least half of their duties involve business or technology type tasks
in places like accounting offices, attorneys, banks, dental or medical offices, school offices, technology companies,
small business offices, etc.) Make the connection and transition from the classroom to the professional world of work
and build your network and your interpersonal skills. Employers contribute to the evaluation process, and students may
receive assistance from the instructor in finding an approved job.
NOTE: Leaving a place of employment during the year requires approval of employer, coordinator, and